Lilly Longear.
The Cathedral Bat of Ulm

von Kathrin Schulthess
mit Illustrationen von Michael Döhmann
76 Seiten
1. Auflage 2011
ISBN 978-3-86281-022-2
9,80 EUR

Little Lilly Longear is a bat of the longeared species who lives on the organ loft of the cathedral - together with her family. They have a good life up there if it were not for Franz, the gray-haired organist. When he plays the huge organ of the cathedral it is often so loud that Lilly finds no sleep at all. Therefore she searches for a new sleeping corner in the church and meets a medieval master builder who tells her about the construction of the cathedral. And as she moves on she talks to angels, saints, devils and other scary figures - all of them telling their personal and often surprising story. Will Lilly be able to find a suitable new sleeping corner?
Lilly Longear. <br />The Cathedral Bat of Ulm


9,80 EUR
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