Nadezhda Alexandrova: Gender Relations in Education. Policy and Practice in the Danube Region

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Nadezhda Alexandrova

Gender Relations in Education. Policy and Practice in the Danube Region

EDITION DONAU - Studien und Materialien zu Südosteuropa, Band 2

ISBN 978-3-86281-048-2 / 116 Seiten / 2013 / 12,80 Euro 



The publications of the European Danube Academy are based on conferences, symposia and summer schools concerning scientific, environmental, economic and cultural topics as well as current and historical developments in the Danube region. The publications serve to critically reflect these issues concerning the Danube region and to support the European cooperation and integration process in Central and Southern Europe. The academy’s work rests on the principles of democracy and rule of law, respect for religious freedom and the will to oppose every form of nationalism and extremism.
The European Danube Academy thrives on the topicality of its issues and its proximity to the everyday reality of the people in the cities and regions along the Danube. Through its work the academy wants to promote fruitful dialogs between scholars and learned people from administrative, political, economic and cultural institutions for the benefit of societal development in the Danube region.


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